About Me

Welcome to my Gallery! My name is Jinaki Bahati and for 18 years I have been in love with capturing moments in time. Portraits and street photography are my specialty. There’s just something about the visual aspect of photography that makes me feel rich with the memories that I create and I enjoy witnessing moments as they happen while sharing them with the world. I live for those very moments captured with my camera that tell more than one story over and over again. For me, photography creates a sense of knowing, it’s a simple pleasure that allows me to share all that’s captured from my view and for others to find their own kind of special in my photos. There’s nothing more exciting than grabbing my camera with no agenda and often times no direction at all except to shoot!  My favorite part of the day are mornings, I’m drawn to the stillness, the quietness and the business of the rest of the world rising for the day, that’s what lures me to see what I can through my viewfinder. When it’s all done I’m left with the excitement of what was captured, knowing that whatever was caught on my camera will be thought provoking. With my poetry I strive to combine both to tell amazing stories defining my love of visual art. So if you want to see more, click my gallery and enjoy!

Thank you, Jinaki