I see you
Brotha of many
And possibly of sweet pleasure to plenty
There just
May be
Plenty of those
Just like me
But I see you

I see you
Covered in righteousness like…
From head to toe
And if I blink
I just
What I really wanna know
And I see you
But a little more tho’

I see you
Too handsome
Ever as the day before
To go a day back
Is just to see more
This mellow soul
Belonging to the man
Who is also my friend
I dare not lie
For simply liking this guy
And I see you
A little better
When I close my eyes

If I flash
Don’t take it personal
Trust me
It’s not you
Somewhere before 5p
I lost it
By 3p
I was fuming
By noon
Ready to explode
So although you may be in sight
My words aren’t for you
In essence
They’re for no one
They’re just there
Not to pierce
Or claim anyone specific
but to be released to the Universe, maybe
And no doubt
They may be tossed back
Or even tossed out
So I apologize
If I’ve even inflicted
The slightest bit of interruption with your energy
I’m just…
Burnt out

Does not
In a book
It is
Locked in the minds of natives born to it
Shared with others
Who are willing
Like the art of story telling
It is exactly that!
The mouth can release words
Although sound levels
Are unlike yours and mine
But they simply CAN
We only see
What they CAN’T hear
Such a limitation
They DON’T hear
And it’s embraced
And uplifting in every way
Hands used to convey thoughts, images and ideas
How dare you to become speechless
Standing next to one
Who doesn’t hear this!
But as a realist can still see
And teach me about their imagery
About applying simple letters
Because they are
Which, does not exist in a book!

Please don’t do that
Don’t offend
Then patronize me
Don’t smile, grin or smirk at me
Knowing we aren’t “like that”
Don’t tease
Then try to appease me
My subtle nature needs no pain
Or any flighty personalities
Surrounding and clouding my judgment
Don’t invade my space
Or burst my bubble with rude banter
That serves as your rebuttal
Don’t disregard
Disrespect or simply dis my wishes
For and against ANYTHING

They’ll play anywhere
Sounds good
Can listen
And enjoy them
It’ll coax you
Sustain you
Hug you
Console you
Its melody will serve
And preserve you
It will awaken your spirit
Nurture your soul
And compliment your sleep
It will prepare you
Hold your hand
Your heart
Fill your ears
And open your mind
It’ll make you laugh
At times even cry
Time listening is well spent
Never a waste of your time to honor your requests
Are never things of the past
And to hear its end
Is just as good as the beginning
Whenever you listen to this thing called Jazz

Dear Universe
To you I hand over my wants
My needs
I don’t want the world
I want a delivery
My request
A change
To aid my opportunity
My thoughts are spinning
My energy is flowing
And creative
Accompanied by optimism
I surrender ill will
And negative perceptions
I’ve opened myself to receive
And not to neglect the absolute power
The secret
The truth
My plan
My vibrations
Good and easy
Dear Universe…

She IS
The one you refuse to be like
Bitter n’ blue
Rarely happy
Unless you’re bitter too
The job keeps her focused
But not enough to wear a smile
Those cold nights are abundant
Her weekends
Have no purpose
And on the phone
She’s telling YOU
“Girl you can do better…”
Selfish words
Carry no weight
With you
She’s the poster child for HATE
To exclude
Or remove her
Would be nothing short of necessity
I’ve been there
And done that
Without a tare to old wounds
Would be a lesson learned
Placed in my past
To remain unvisited
And with no hard feelings
I wish her the best
The amity was tarnished
We can no longer be friends

Dear HipHop
You’re hypnotic
A plague with no cure
None invented or intended
Except to endure
And be lured
By lyric and rhyme
Treble and base
Your evolving sound
Puts me in that place
Artist meets craft
And craft becomes the teacher
And sound fills space
For people like me
To be moved by revolution
From loud speakers

Dear R&B
I admit
You make me
You move my every groove
And it’s a must
For me to keep you close
And possibly
Let you play
Extra loud
So that I may
Feel you in my chest
And even on my skin
As I live in your smooth
Melodic tune
Stroking my trance and locking my mood
Ohhhh, how I do
I do
I do
Love my Rhythm and Blues

We all belong
There are no cuts
No deadlines
No limits
No headlines
His, hers
Yours, mine
Nothing wrong with a little loose reality sometimes
You can be
Whoever you want to be
You can judge
And talk shit
Post n’ play
Check out of the real world
And into this place
We call cyberspace
Some don’t even thing twice
Before they report
About their life
What they do
What they see
Where they go
And what they eat
All in abundance
And often the same time
News feed
After newsfeed
No time to refresh
Just click
And scroll
Like an addiction at it’s best
At new stories
You must look
While heavy on Facebook

Good morning
Words for breakfast
Bath in colors
Wait in the rainbow
To wash away doubts
And any concerns slept with

Good afternoon
Lunch is served on sweetness
Eat with familiar faces
Thoughts hug the moments
That remain
Even now
Soon to become later

Rest on freshness
Fall into dreams of greatness
Change in comfort
Become meek, calm
Fall into peace

I get tired of going without
Being without
Times like this
All I can do is get mad
Mad because I’m broke
Temporary outta’ cash
Most times I just sit
Sit n’ try to put myself at ease
Because I know why my wallet is empty
All things are difficult before they are easy
But I can never seem to pay that one person
Treat ya’self
Before you beat ya’self
Is what I say
Remembering that even the well-to-do
And wealthiest folks
Have debt too
Nothing is that important
Except to just breath
So see
A job is a job
Unless it’s your career
A job is only your cash flow
Just until you get there

You inspire the mood for thought
I can sit before you
And tell you many things
How the vows I mad to myself
Sit written on a sticky note
Tucked in my journal of journals
And the words describing
The man I need
That I asked the man above
To send me
Is written on a piece of paper
In ink
So it’s indelible
And tucked away
Next to my favorite passage
So that it’s close to the words I love
So when I return to it
My love of words
Are next to my desire of a king
I long to sit across from
And have moments like this
And times like that
Which are yet to happen
I can easily say to you
That I am not her
I am not the woman
Expecting for you to give in
Or give at all
Or waiting for a fantasy
Or to be my trust fall, even
But you
You’ve arrived in my life
So abundantly full of sweetness
Like honey
Topped with a coat of greatness
And whether you showed up
To awaken my senses
Make me see
Or to simply ready me to receive your gestures
I step forward towards you
All because you arrived
Right when I was ready to deprive myself
Of the many things I forgot felt so good
Ready and willing to be
And see about me
And we
Can freestyle many moments
Go with any flow
And weather any storm
Because we choose to be
Right where we are

What I DON’T want
is tucked away
Far from reach
Written on scraps of paper
With whatever else
It’s over there
Between my acoustic
In my sketch book
Sittin on top of my chess
Inside a tiny little box
I sit here
“should I keep that thing?”
Should I share it with someone else first
Then tare it up?
No, I’ll have THEM do it!
I’ll tare it up
Put it in an envelope
Seal it
Put it back in THAT box
Back in THAT chess
And revisit those pieces in 7 days
9 days, wait!
This is all wrong for me
Tho’ no one knows
Of my unwanted things
My “Don’t” list
My has-beens
Of what HAS NOT been
I still think
I need some time
But then again
Time for what?
To cling to the “don’ts?”
To harbor on what isn’t instead of what is?
I DON’T need to stare at it
I DON’T need to revisit
Add or take away from it
I don’t need to think about sharing it
Keepin it
Or why I’m doing what I DON’T think is necessary
I DON’T need
What I DON’T want
I just don’t

The troubled mind
Belongs to the troubled girl
Fed up
Messed up
Fucked up
With no luck
Frustrated and bugged out
Trying her damnedest to calm down
And the world?
Why, the world stops for no one
For nothin’ at any time

The troubled mind
Belongs to the troubled girl
Knees have never kissed the ground so much
And her hands have never touched so often
And still
Panic and stress consumes more energy than to release
What doesn’t keep one at east
She’s angry
She’s pissed
She’s sad
But won’t quit
She cries
She prays
When she worries
People say “that’s life babygirl”
At times
Things are just
In due time
You’ll learn more of how to play life’s game
So your peace of mind you should keep
But the troubles should stay away

Tell me
What do we make of this?
Do we follow our own desires
Or lead with the truth that sits between you and I?
Creating the need to speak
And a plea for ease
Releasing friction
That was once non-existent
But here we are because something’s missing
We should be somewhere
Anywhere but right here
And if this remains our reality
Should we try to continue?
Say something, I’m giving up on you

If we agree to change
And move this mountain together
Weather more storms
And find our new forever
Would you be ready?
And would you be willing?
To create new moments that evoke fresh feelings
Keeping us in tune with one another
Removing inhibitions
And closing all gaps
So we can move in this world
Leaving this in the past
Just so we can have another chance to correct
Another chance to combine
What we truly want for each other
But better this time
I can’t hear it
Unless you say so
I can’t feel it
Unless you prove
So please
Say something, I’m giving up on you